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We adjust property damage claims under: 

  • Homeowners and Renters policies

  • Businessowners policies

  • Commercial Property policies

  • Specialty Package and Program policies
    (Garage, Dealer, School, Condo, etc.)

  • Commercial Crime


  • We handle all property and liability claim disputes

  • We serve as appraisers and umpires in the Appraisal disputes

  • We serve as Arbitrators and Mediators in litigated and non-litigated Insurance disputes


We issue formal Coverage Opinions based on NJ insurance law.


  • Insurance coverage litigation - property and liability insurance

  • Defense and coverage litigation when liability claim is denied


A2Z Claims is the claims adjustment service of Gorokhovich Insurance & Commercial Litigation, LLC, a specialty law firm with practice devoted to residential and commercial property insurance claims adjustment, property and liability insurance dispute resolution, and insurance litigation.  The firm's principal is Michael A. Gorokhovich, Esq., an Attorney with a 17-year career in New Jersey insurance law.  Led by an attorney specializing in insurance claims and disputes, we are proud to have represented many clients on both sides of the insurance claim process, in every facet of property and casualty insurance investigations and disputes, and with every property and casualty insurance policy product.  This gives us a unique perspective and a 20/20 vision in everything that we do.

The mission of A2Z Claims is to provide an attorney-led claim adjustment service to policyholders that every insured actually needs in the event of a loss and which nearly every insured can afford.  Put differently, our mission is to provide the highest possible value in property claims adjustment at the lowest possible cost.  We are able to accomplish this mission because our experience allows us to be effective and efficient, to invest in the right technology and resources to make that possible, and our 20/20 vision allows us to anticipate and prevent most problems before they occur.  Thus, our claim adjustment pricing reflects the proverbial ounce of prevention, not the 100 pounds of cure where it's just not needed and should in fact be avoided.  Notably, a big part of what allows us to avoid most unnecessary disputes in the adjustment process, besides our experience, is the fact that we are a law firm, and thus, litigation is always an option in those rare cases when it is truly needed.  Our counterparts appreciate this fully, and this alone in most cases curbs unreasonable behavior and unreasonable positions.  This is one of the most critical advantages of an attorney-led claim adjustment process.

While our clients appreciate the results we achieve, the way we achieve those results is equally important to them and to us.  We are committed to being completely transparent and accessible, maintaining effective communication with all parties at all stages of the process, setting and meeting concrete and measurable goals and timelines, and providing demonstrable value of our services to our clients at an affordable cost.  Our initial consultation is free, with no obligation and no pressure.  Call us, we'll be happy to help. 


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